D'Aveia Dermo-Oil Pediatric 200 ml

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D´Aveia Dermo-óleo Pediátrico is indicated for hygiene with and without water from the first days of life. In diaper changes, in the cradle cap, in atopic dermatitis, in chickenpox and in diaper dermatitis. Allows to restore the physiological balance of the baby's sensitive and delicate skin.

Allows to reinforce the hydrolipidic film and the skin barrier function, due to its emollient moisturizing action. It has a marked moisturizing and emollient action, which contributes to the restoration of the syphiological balance, preserving the integrity of the skin. It has a calming action, due to the presence of anti-oxidant substances.

Advice for use:

  • It can be used diluted in bath water or as a shower gel.
  • In situations of extremely dry skin, it can be applied directly to the skin, after bathing.
  • When removing cradle cap: apply directly to the skin at night and remove the next day with D´Aveia DS shampoo.
  • When changing diapers and diaper dermatitis, it can be applied directly to the skin, with cotton or gauze, before applying D´Aveia Barreira cream.
  • In chickenpox, in the scab phase, the emollient bath with D'Aveia dermo-oil for children makes it possible to detach the scabs and relieve itching, without leaving a mark.
  • In atopic dermatitis, in hygiene during and after outbreaks, the emollient bath with Pediatric D'Aveia dermo-oil relieves itching and reduces the frequency of outbreaks. In the acute phase, it can also be applied directly to the skin, using cotton or gauze.

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