Terms of service

My Pharma Spot ® is committed to the privacy and security of each customer's personal data, which are only used to process orders and identify customers. The security and privacy of your data is also our priority, as is your Health.

In this way, our objective is to provide a personalized and high quality service, for this we are committed to keeping all your elements safe, always with the greatest discretion, transparency and respect, not using this information for any other purpose, in in accordance with current legislation.

Personal data

In order for My Pharma Spot ® to be able to send its orders, it clearly requests from its customers, in the account registration process, some personal information (such as name, address and telephone number). Information that will be shared with our logistics operators and with our employees, in order to ensure the satisfaction of your request.

All these elements are necessary when registering on the site in order to have access to purchase functions and other features. In addition, they serve to unequivocally identify the registered person, as well as speed up the process of sending and paying orders, making it more fluid and faster.

All personal data obtained directly or indirectly through this site will be used solely and exclusively by My Pharma Spot ® and never transferred to third parties.

Direct marketing

At My Pharma Spot ®, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, the customer always has the right to oppose direct marketing, unless an option explicitly selected by the customer in the registration process, authorizing the use of the email address provided for manual or automatic sending of newsletters or personalized contacts about product updates, promotions or other information, when applicable. You can always opt out of the direct marketing subscription at any time in the following ways:

* follow the instructions in each marketing email received in your email

* change your personal account settings in the Customer Area on the My Pharma Spot ® platform


My Pharma Spot ® recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of minors in the interactive online world. In this way, personal data concerning minors aged between 16 and 18 can only be made available by holders of parental responsibilities. My Pharma Spot ® cannot be held responsible for the lawfulness of the processing of personal data provided by people who commit fraud as to their identity.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

All intellectual and industrial property rights of the website www.mypharmaspot.com are reserved. The website and all its contents, including without limitation, articles, opinions, other commercial texts, photographs, images, clips, videos or audio, as well as brands, logos, domain names, and any other elements that may be covered by intellectual and/or industrial property rights, are the property of My Pharma Spot ® or the property of third parties who have authorized their use, and are protected against use, copying or disclosure that has not been expressly authorized by the holders.

All personal data mentioned above, regarding information entered by the customer, or any automatic information regarding products purchased, views, means of payment, data collection, e-mail and other interactions with the My Pharma Spot ® website are stored in Base of secure Data, only accessible via the online platform and by duly authorized, accredited and identified users. Personal and private data and all e-mail are kept in the My Pharma Spot ® Database.

All virtual data is fully protected by electronic security, including data encryption between server and client equipment.

Regular backups of all data are performed in order to prevent data loss. These backups are encrypted and kept in a safe place that is inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

Data Storage and Security

Physical data supports (paper) may be created in the following circumstances:

- Labels with name and address for package packages – accessible to the carrier and recipient;

- Printed receipts containing name, address (and, optionally, NIF) – accessible and addressed only to the customer;

The My Pharma Spot ® customer will be able to confirm what information they provide about themselves and how they are processed. If you wish, you can make a manual removal request, but the customer always has access to the visualization, alteration or complete elimination of their personal data contained in the My Pharma Spot ® files, through their Ár