Bio-Oil Gel 100 mL

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Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is a new way to treat dry skin. Traditional dry skin products like creams, lotions, and body butters are mostly made from water. Bio-Oil® Gel for Dry Skin is made from oil, so it is "warm" on application. In a test conducted on people who have dry skin, most said it was better than anything they've used for dry skin.


Bio-Oil has revolutionized dry skin care. With a concentrated formula, Bio-Oil® now has a concentrated gel that hydrates and protects. Its formulation contains humectant ingredients that attract water to the skin and ingredients that restore its hydrolipidic layer. Thanks to its unique and innovative texture, Bio-Oil® Gel for Dry Skin is quickly absorbed, restoring a feeling of deep and lasting hydration from the first application. The skin is visibly more luminous and velvety.


  • Dry, rough, scaly, reddened skin;
  • "Tightened" skin sensation;
  • Sensitive skin;
  • Dry skin.

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