SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Cream - 40 ml

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SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Cream - 40 ml

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Product Description

  • Reparative and anti-mark skincare formulated for anyone who has fragile skin or any irritation.


  • 40 ml

Product Features

  • A cream suitable for the entire family: babies, children and adults.
  • Face, body and skin marks.
  • A invisible texture that melts into the skin to repair it 7x faster while softening fragile skin or rashes. Suitable for the whole family.
  • Powerful antipruritic with a soothing effect that helps to heal while preventing any scaring or redness.
  • A melting texture that offers instant comfort and protection.
  • A weakened skin will be fully repaired if it goes through the following phases: inflammation (1 to 3 days), repair (1 to 3 weeks) and remodelling (3 to 24 months).
  • Tested under dermatological and paediatric control. Hypoallergenic.
  • Creates a protective film and prevents pathogenic bacteria from accumulating on the surface of the skin, reducing redness and burning.

How to use

  • Is your skin irritated, fragile or sensitive? Every day, skin is exposed to external aggressions that cause irritation and discomfort to the body and to delicate areas such as face and mucous membranes.
  • Apply to affected areas twice a day until completely healed. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the cream. For external use only.


  • A prebiotic sugar that acts on microbiome: balances the skin's flora by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria to optimize the speed and quality of skin recovery.

Formulated for

  • Dryness and redness
  • Marks and scars
  • Diaper rash
  • Chickenpox scars.
  • After tattooing or dermatological procedures (peels and laser treatments)
  • Heat, sunburn
  • After hair removal
  • SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Cream - 40 ml
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SVR Cicavit+ Soothing Cream - 40 ml


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