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SVR Densitium Firming Bi-Serum - 2 x 15 ml

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SVR Densitium Firming Bi-Serum - 2 x 15 ml

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Product Description

  • Intensive nourishing serum with a dual anti-ageing formula to combat the 3 main concerns of mature skin: sagging, wrinkles and extreme dryness. Its revolutionary effect is visible in barely a month, even on the appearance of a double chin.
  • Combine 2 serums in one to mimic the natural structure of skin.


  • 2 x 15 ml

How to use

  • It should be applied morning and evening. DENSITIUM BI-SERUM should be used before moisturizing. For best results, spread the product to your hands and apply all over your face and neck, starting from the centre and blending outwards.
  • Lightly pinch your skin around the facial contours.
  • Smooth over deeper wrinkles.

Moisturizing Serum

  • Bio-calcium restructures and strengthens the epidermis
  • Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid fills the skin, replenishing its hydration levels.
  • An antigravity active stimulates collagen production to fight sagging.

Lipid-enriched Serum

  • Four natural oils (Urucum, borage, Evening Primrose, Argan) that intensively nourish the skin and reduces deep wrinkles.
  • Intensely restructured, skin is visibly more firmed and nourished.
  • SVR Densitium Firming Bi-Serum - 2 x 15 ml
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SVR Densitium Firming Bi-Serum - 2 x 15 ml


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