Do you have sensitive skin? Sensilis is your best ally

08 July 2020

Do you have sensitive skin? Sensilis is your best ally

Do you have sensitive skin? Sensilis is your best ally

The Spanish brand Sensilis is the choice of many beauty lovers with sensitive skin around the world. With a very extensive product range, it is the perfect ally for your skin, clinically tested and suitable for anyone who loves natural ingredients.

If you weren’t familiar with Sensilis, we have gathered 3 good reasons and our favourite products to let you know all that this brand has to offer. It's impossible not to fall in love with Sensilis!

1. As the brand’s name suggests, sensitive skin is in good hands

Sensilis is proud to be a reference in the beauty industry. Its name derives from the latin word "sensibilis", referring to plants of high sensitivity. As a pharmaceutical laboratory, it is Sensilis responsibility to take a step further, leveraging research expertise’s to achieve the most advanced and sensorial formulas to deliver the best care for sensitive skin.

2. High-end skincare products and everyday makeup

We swear by Sensilis and we are sure that once you try their skincare products, you will too. Formulated with natural ingredients and designed to be the best care for your skin, its products help fighting signs of acne, while mattifying and moisturizing the skin. Skin ageing it’s also at the top of Sensilis priorities, as well as soothing any reactions on sensitive skin.

In addition, it has an extensive range of high-quality makeup. Designed to offer you the best sensory experience through packaging, perfumes, high performance pigments, and textures that please your senses. Lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers that help with dark circles, blushes and compact powders are some of the products that Sensilis has to offer you.

An honourable mention should go to their sun protection range that offers many options for the most different needs, including sunscreen and after sun care.

3. Eco-friendly and suitable for vegetarians

Formulated without parabens or mineral oils. Sensilis ingredients and formulas are all scientifically and clinically tested. To guarantee optimal effectiveness for sensitive skin, Sensilis is always searching for new ingredients that have been proven to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. In other words, the goal is to guarantee maximum security, always without harming the environment.

Our favourite products and best sellers:

Sun Care

Sensilis' extensive line of sun care products includes self-tanners, face and body sunscreens, tinted sunscreens and after-sun care.

Sensilis Sun Secret Compact Matt Make Up SPF 50+ has three colour options – Sand, Bronze and Golden.

A compact foundation with SPF that provides effective and safe protection from solar exposure. Transform the look of your skin with this foundation that blurs imperfections and creates a natural and more even-toned appearance. Formulated with DNA safe Complex and UVB-UVA filters that protect the skin from solar radiation and photo ageing. A moisturizing and melting texture for a comfortable finish, even for drier skin.

Sensilis Sun Secret Dry Touch Spray has an extremely comfortable texture that is easily absorbed. A body sunscreen sheer mist with anti-ageing action and broad-spectrum SPF50+ and it’s one of Sensilis’ most popular products.


Sensilis Intense Matt Lipstick comes in seven different shades. An extra matte lipstick that features vibrant colours and offers the lips a natural volume. Velvety finish, delivers to the lips unparalleled colour payoff.

Sensilis Sublime Curved & Volume Mascara lifts, separates, and defines lashes, while strengthening and protecting. Eyelashes are instantly jet-black, boosting length and volume, with an intensive curling power.

Sensilis Monocharme Eyeshadow enriched with butter and natural oils resulting in a comfortable texture with nourishing properties. Three different finishes: matte, satin, and metallic - to create endless eye makeup looks for every occasion.


Sensilis Supreme Renewal Detox Coffret comes with a regenerating facial day cream and a detoxifying and regenerating night serum.

Sensilis Supreme Renewel Detox Day Cream is a moisturizer that promotes skin renewal and visibly reduce wrinkles.

Formulated with plant extracts rich in antioxidants, helping to protect the skin from environmental aggressions. With a silky and creamy texture that adapts to all skin types.

Sensilis Supreme Renewel Detox Night Serum promotes skin regeneration and detoxification. Formulated with powerful ingredients that have protective, repairing, and moisturizing properties. Its gel-cream texture creates a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Special Coffret Sensilis Origin - The Original Beauty Kit features a full-size serum, cream, and ampoule, that targets signs of ageing and it's ideal for all skin types.

Sensilis Origin Pro EGF-5 Cream allows a global rejuvenating treatment that repairs signs of ageing, increasing the ability to regenerate skin and firming in depth, thanks to its exclusive formula based on 5 growth factors and an anti-ageing complex.

Sensilis Origin Pro EGF-5 Serum uses of growth factors in anti-ageing cosmetic treatments and allows a more precise and effective action that delivers regeneration and firmness to the skin, visibly repairing signs of ageing.

Sensilis Origin Pro EGF-5 Ampoules are formulated with micro-glycosaminoglycans, which improves the structure of skin, contributing to increase its hydration, elasticity, and firmness.

The entire Sensilis range is available in our online store, click here.

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