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My Pharma Spot | General Sales Terms & Conditions

  • Terms of Use

    By browsing and making transactions on the www.mypharmaspot.comwebsite, you implicitly assume that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use contained in these documents.

    The creation and maintenance of the website, as well as the guarantee of its evolution, is the responsibility of HealthCo Unipessoal, Lda. It is possible to purchase Health and Wellness Products, Beauty Products, Medical Devices and Non-Prescription Medicines at My Pharma Spot , for this purpose, a mandatory personal registration is required, as reported in the Privacy Policy, without which the aforementioned services may not be accessible, this is the only way that the customer will be authenticated.

    It is possible to use the website www.mypharmaspot.com with different access profiles: anonymous users (unauthenticated) and registered users (authenticated by My Pharma Spot ). The user is responsible for keeping his personal information always complete, true, and updated. My Pharma Spot is not responsible, nor can it be held responsible, for the information transmitted by users. The use owww.mypharmaspot.com implies that the user assumes the legal age to use all services, eligibility to make purchases and respective payments, as well as assume responsibility and legal attributable for all actions performed on and through the website.

    The user undertakes to use the website www.mypharmaspot.com for the purpose for which it is intended and through the interface and tools provided, not attempting to use it improperly, by any means or for illicit purposes.

    My Pharma Spot reserves the right to prevent the use of services or features, as well as to block or delete personal information, upon notice, in situations of non-compliance with the legal terms or misconduct of the user, as well as to participate in any illegalities or unlawful acts to the authorities, if applicable.

  • Errors, Access Failures & Suggestions

    The user undertakes to safely preserve My Pharma Spot access data, not being responsible, nor held responsible, for any losses or damages caused by operating the user's login data or other account information, when used by others, with or without the holder's knowledge.

    My Pharma Spot asks the user to notify any flaws found, as well as suggestions or criticisms about their online experience with us through geral@mypharmaspot.com or through the other contact channels on the site. My Pharma Spot Customer Service is available to help you from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (WET) from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

  • Advice from Pharma Professionals

    All information contained on the My Pharma Spot website or any information provided by our employees whether by telephone, email, fax, letter, or any other form of physical or electronic communication, is solely intended to inform and assist the customer during shopping, not dispensing with the advice of specialists or physicians, where applicable.

    My Pharma Spot is associated with HealthCo. Unipersonal, Lda | VAT: 515 589 861, Rua do Verdinho, n 155. 4400-333, Canidelo - Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal, with opening hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (WET) from Monday to Friday.

    You can get personalized pharmaceutical advice through the various contacts available at My Pharma Spot .

  • Product Information

    It is the responsibility of the My Pharma Spot team to ensure the maintenance of the updated product sheets in accordance with what is informed to us by the manufacturers, about their characterization, description, and image and in accordance with the legislation in force.

    However, unexpected errors may occur momentarily such as temporary changes in service conditions or other lapses, sudden fluctuation of prices at the supplier, computer failures or the intervention of factors unrelated to My Pharma Spot .

  • Product Without Stock

    In the event of a temporary break in stock, the customer's order will be on hold until delivery can be secured. When this occurs, the customer will be informed, through telephone or e-mail. If your order includes products in stock and without stock, you can split your order.

    Customers can request to the My Pharma Spot Customer Support Team to deliver items separately to the destination.

  • Promotions & Discount Codes

    One of the biggest advantages of being a My Pharma Spot customer is that you can find a wide variety of offers, promotions, and discount codes associated with special campaigns.

    Terms of use for Discount Codes:

    You can only use one discount code per order;

    When using the discount code in the shopping cart you can check its instructions;

    If you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact My Pharma Spot Customer Support Team.

    My Pharma Spot reserves the right to change its promotional policy and the granting of coupons/vouchers at any time and to keep the associated conditions and policies always up to date for clarification of the customer.

  • Breach of Contract Terms & Conditions

    Non-acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions implies the cessation of use of the My Pharma Spot website, and registered users may void their participation and consequent acceptance of the Terms by deleting their Personal Account as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

    My Pharma Spot , HealthCo. Unipessoal, Lda. VAT 515 589 861, has an authorisation issued by INFARMED (Registration No. 00066/2019), qualifying us to sell non-prescription medicines, health, and wellness products through our web store.


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