Transact Lat 40 mg - 10 Patches


Product Details:

TransAct LAT is indicated for the symptomatic relief of localized musculoskeletal conditions characterized by pain, including soft tissue disorders such as scapulohumeral pericapsulitis and various rotator muscle sheath inflammatory syndromes; disorders associated with trauma, whether acute or chronic in nature, for example such as back pain, strains or sprains, tenosynovitis, etc.; or localized exacerbation of arthrosis.

Usage Mode:

Apply a dressing to the affected area, it must be clean and dry;
Renew the application every 12 hours.

Care to be taken:

When there is an allergy to acetylsalicylic acid or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
In breastfeeding and pregnancy, except on medical advice;
Asthma patients.

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