Strepsils Strawberry without sugar x 16 pcs


Product description:

Use Strepsils lozenges when your throat is dry, irritated or painful. Strepsils lozenges contain active substances and are clinically proven to work on sore throats, even after the lozenge is gone. Each tablet contains a combination of two important antiseptics (Dichlorobenzyl Alcohol 1.2 mg and Amylmetacresol 0.6 mg) that help fight bacterial and viral infections that cause sore throats and mouth infections. Strepsils Strawberry without Sugar can be used if you suffer from diabetes, or if you simply prefer a sugar-free lozenge.

In the symptomatic treatment of mouth inflammation and throat infections, including sore throat.

- Smoothing action
- Antiseptic action
- Antibacterial action
- Contains Isomaltitol and Liquid Maltitol.
- Pleasant strawberry flavor without Sugar.

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