Strepfen Spray 15 ml


Product description:

To get back to your normal routine, you need quick and prolonged relief from a sore throat.

Spray directly on the inflamed area of the throat. Quickly relieves and fights inflammation, lasting up to 6 hours.
The special spray nozzle allows for a more targeted and localized application.
Its small size and hygienic cap for the mouthpiece is very practical and easy to carry with you anywhere. The application is very fast, which is ideal for getting back to your usual routine.
It can be used immediately before going to bed as it contains no sugar and there is no risk of swallowing. With a pleasant taste.

Fast and localized action, provides relief for up to 6 hours. Relieves pain and fights inflammation.
– fast action
– Pain relief for up to 6 hours
– Localized action
- No sugar
– No antibiotic

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