Papillon Anti-Aging Cream 10ml


Product description:

Firmer, more elastic and hydrated skin; with a smoothed complexion and a shine-free finish!
It was specifically designed to meet the demands of the male audience, providing a firming and filling action; while reducing the formation of imperfections.

Its formula has been carefully developed, and has several active ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, which has an extraordinary ability to attract water to intercellular spaces, ensuring instant hydration and filling;

Sodium Deoxycholate, capable of optimizing the delivery of hyaluronic acid to the tissues, strengthening the skin's hydrolipidic film and providing it with more comfort;

Zinc Gluconate, which allows to smooth the grain of the skin by reducing the development of imperfections, thus restoring its homogeneity.

Usage mode:
Apply to the face after cleansing the skin, morning and night.

skin type:
All skin types

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