Papillon Anti-age Tailored Cream - anti-aging moisturizing cream 50 ml


Papillon Anti-Age Tailored Cream 50ml, with the purpose of moisturizing and reaffirming anti-wrinkles. In fact, it fills in the wrinkles from the inside and gives the skin greater elasticity and firmness. Even so, it evens out the skin, correcting its imperfections, while hydrating and mattifying it.

Hyaluronic acid:

Thanks to its extraordinary ability to absorb as well as retain large amounts of water in the intercellular spaces. Hyaluronic acid plays a fundamental role in ensuring the optimal degree of hydration of skin tissues. However, it also acts as a “cementation” cell, contributing to the maintenance of turgor and smooth skin.

Sodium Deoxycholate:

It ensures the purity, concentration, as well as the effectiveness of the active ingredient. In such a way that it makes it possible:

• Optimize the delivery of hyaluronic acid to tissues;
• Strengthen the hydrolipidic balance of the skin;
• Providing greater elasticity and comfort to the epidermis.

Zinc Gluconate:

The presence of trace elements such as zinc makes its formula rich and suitable for restoring the homogeneity of the epidermis. Meanwhile reducing imperfections and tuning the grain of the skin.

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