Nina Ricci Nina

Nina Ricci Nina Eau de Toilette 80ml

$70.00 $94.00

Detailed Description:

Pampering yourself with the delicate temptation hidden in the Eau de Toilette for women Nina Ricci Nina is not a sin. Quite the opposite! The composition full of attractive delicacy brings you an aroma that you will love immediately. And all the people around you too.

  • Gourmet aroma with floral and fruity notes;
  • She will be loved above all by young girls;
  • Worship bottle in the shape of a red apple.

Fragrance Composition:

The freshness of lime with lime from Calabria captures attention right from the start. Immediately afterwards, intoxicating gardenia develops and, accompanied by the delicious aroma of caramelized apple, remains interesting for much longer. The sensual scent stays with you thanks to white musk and velvety and sweet cedar wood.

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