Nestle Naturnes Apple Carrot Mango 90g


NATURNES Apple Carrot and Mango is 100% Fruit & Vegetables and has a unique combination of fruit, apple and mango, with carrot that will delight parents and babies.

NATURNES Apple, Carrot and Mango is a healthy, balanced and practical way to offer the benefits of fruit and carrots to your baby, anytime, anywhere. In each package of NATURNES is the equivalent of a piece of fruit.

Adapted for babies from 6 months of age, NATURNES Apple, Carrot and Mango is 100% Natural, without dyes or preservatives*, and is made with a selection of first quality fruits and vegetables, specially cultivated and selected for the feeding of children. babies, which comply with strict quality controls.

All in an innovative package, in a packet format, to encourage older babies to eat fruit by themselves directly from the packet, contributing to their development. It also allows you to spoon feed the smallest babies.

Committed to offering the best of nature for your baby, each Packet of NATURNES Apple, Carrot and Mango, offers all the benefits of fruit and carrot to the demanding palate of babies and makes each portion of fruit a real delight.

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