Mustela Baby Bio Cream Diaper Change 75 ml

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BIO Certified Diaper Change Cream with organic certification, is used after each baby's diaper change. Vegan, fragrance-free formula, a care with organic olive oil that soothes the skin, repairs and minimizes redness. Since birth.


The BIO Diaper Changing Cream, with ORGANIC certification:

  • Isolates and leaves a protective film on the skin.
  • Soothes and soothes between seedlings.
  • Repairs and minimizes redness.
Usage advice:

Clean the diaper changing area and let it dry. Apply the cream in a layer at each diaper change.

Pleasure of use:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Good retention from one change to another.
  • Neutral and pleasant smell.
  • Does not stain clothes.

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