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Calma is an innovative feeding system for mothers who want to feed their babies with breast milk. The Calma bottle maintains the natural feeding behavior in such a way that your baby:

- "Works" in the same way as it would on the breast: when breastfeeding the baby creates a vacuum for the milk to flow, thus training the facial muscles;

- Sucks, swallows, pauses and breathes following your natural and individual feeding rhythm;

- You can combine breast and bottle and, most importantly, you can resume breastfeeding at any time;

- It benefits from the nutritious substances and vitamins that breast milk offers;

- Continues to enjoy the love and intimacy that the mother offers during breastfeeding.

Why Calm?

Breastfeeding is best for your baby, but you can't always be close enough to breastfeed naturally. That's why Medela researched to find the solution that best suits you and your baby.

The research, in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, led to a solution that mimics the baby's natural sucking behavior in order to facilitate the transition from breast to bottle and, most importantly, to be able to resume breastfeeding. The result is Calm.

Once the pump has been chosen and the milk expressed, Calma is the best option for feeding your baby. With Calma, you can be at peace because your baby is fed with breast milk through the bottle, as he learned when doing it at the breast. So your baby will continue to drink breast milk when you are not around and when you come back you can continue to breastfeed.


During breastfeeding, mother and baby experience a particularly emotional relationship in which the baby enjoys taking breast milk. It has been shown that each baby develops an individual and specific feeding behavior in an intuitive way. The baby swallows, pauses, breathes at his own pace and for the milk to flow he must create a vacuum: when the baby moves his tongue up and down, he is able to regulate the vacuum and the milk flow and so on. controls the amount of milk you drink.

However, in conventional bottles the milk flows by itself without the baby having to make any effort. This makes it very difficult to return to breastfeeding at the mother's breast because the baby must change his behavior when he is used to the bottle-feeding technique.

Calma is a system specifically designed for breast milk feeding. Unlike conventional bottles, the Calma bottle lets milk flow when the baby uses a vacuum. In a similar way to the mother's breast.

It feeds on breast milk even in its absence.

- It maintains its natural feeding behavior which allows it to swallow, breathe and take breaks just as it learned to do in the chest.

- Can return to the mother's breast at any time.

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