Libero Diaper Up & Go (T7)


Libero Up & Go Size 7 prevents leaks during the day and night due to its great absorbent capacity.

Contains no lotions, ointments, moisturizing creams or perfumes.

Tear-off side seams and tear-off tape for easy changing
Just rip the side seams, then roll the panties inwards and secure them with the stripping tape on the outside.

Soft, breathable, non-woven material helps maintain skin health
They have a soft, breathable, non-woven outer material that allows air to circulate, keeping your baby's delicate skin dry and comfortable and minimizing irritation. Libero UP&GO helps keep your baby's skin healthy. After all, the silkiest and most sensitive skin deserves only the most delicate materials.

Super-absorbent core provides high anti-leakage security
All Libero UP&GO briefs have a super-absorbent core that can provide hours of leak-proof protection. This high absorbency, combined with the diaper's effective leak-proof barriers, keeps your baby's skin dry.

Fits as comfortably as a normal pair of briefs
They are made with soft and delicate material for your baby's skin. Elastics around the waist and legs help provide a perfect fit. The anatomically shaped core makes the briefs fit snugly between the legs, allowing freedom of movement.

excellent dryness
A layered protection system quickly draws liquid from the skin's surface into the diaper, minimizing redness and helping to keep your baby's skin dry and healthy.

Weight: Suitable for babies weighing between 16-26kg

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