Korff Cure Make Up MK Lifting Effect Cream Foundation 30 ml

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Color: 3

Product description:

Creamy foundation with lifting effect and satin finish that, due to the presence of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, restores hydration and shine to the face. Its texture, of medium-high coverage, glides on the skin and does not accumulate in micro-wrinkles, giving the face a perfect and uniform complexion. The special set of active ingredients guarantees a lifting effect: small wrinkles are smoothed, expression lines are diminished and the face is smoother.

The package contains a handy complementary oval brush, allowing you to blend the product more easily. Its soft synthetic fibers make it ideal for precise and even application of foundation.

• Medium-high coverage
• Attenuates wrinkles and expression signs;
• Hides signs of fatigue;
• Moisturizes for a long time and deeply.

creamy and smoky.

An even complexion, smooth skin and reduced micro-wrinkles.

Clinically and dermatologically tested.
Tested for nickel, chromium, cobalt, mercury and palladium.

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