GrinTuss Pediatric 180g


Grintuss is a product based on honey and molecular complexes that performs a protective and consequently soothing action on the upper respiratory tract.

It acts on dry coughs , fighting mucosal irritation and on productive coughs , favoring hydration and the elimination of mucus.

Grintuss is a product with ingredients from Organic Agriculture, gluten free and with a pleasant taste .

Grintuss Pediatric Syrup is indicated for the treatment of dry and productive cough in children from 1 year of age.

Grintuss protects the mucosa, soothes irritation, moisturizes and promotes the elimination of mucus through the following mechanisms of action:

  • Barrier effect: forms a protective film that adheres to the mucosa and protects it from contact with irritating agents
  • Muco-regulating action: promotes the hydration of mucus and favors its elimination
  • Lubricating action: reduces friction in the pharynx, which causes coughing

Grintuss modulates cough without suppressing it, thus respecting its important role in defense of the upper respiratory tract.

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