Durex Intense Orgasmic Pure Pleasure


Durex Intense Orgasmic Pure Pleasure Stimulator is ideal for stimulating the clitoris and the entire body, so you can discover new ways with your partner to enjoy exciting foreplay.


  • Small and discreet sensual stimulator with powerful vibrations.
  • Your sexiest ally in the world of foreplay. It is ideal for clitoral and whole body stimulation, so you can discover new ways to enjoy exciting foreplay with your partner.
  • It has a smooth, smooth surface, is small, discreet and quiet for maximum discretion and uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • It is water resistant.

Usage advice:

To activate your Intense Orgasmic Pure Pleasure, unscrew the lower part and remove the plastic piece covering the contact with the battery. Screw the bottom back on completely. The stimulator is ready to use. Turn the on or off switch on the base. Before use, apply a generous amount of a lubricant from the Durex Play Pleasure gel range, Durex Play 2in1Massage or the new Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel for a more pleasant experience.

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