Doomoo Snoogy Little Gray Bunny

$25.00 $32.00

Doomoo Snoogy is made up of a velvety bunny that has a removable thermal pad inside. This small pillow, which contains rapeseed and lavender, can be heated in the microwave. Rapeseed seeds impart a comforting warmth and lavender imparts a pleasant aroma with a calming effect.

When placed in the baby's tummy, it helps to naturally relieve cramps and colic.

When placed in Baby's bed, it emits a pleasant warmth that helps him relax and fall asleep.

Usage Instructions:
- Heat the pad in the microwave at 700W for 45 seconds.
- If necessary, add another 15 seconds until reaching the desired temperature.

- Can be machine washed at 30º.
- Do not dry in the tumble dryer.
- The seed pad is not washable.
- Store in a dry and cool place.

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