Chicco Mammy

Chicco Mammy Postpartum Sash Size S

$27.00 $34.00

Product Details

The Mammy postpartum sash is a precious aid to quickly regain physical shape, respecting the physiology of the mother's body.

  • Helps support the abdomen without constraining or making movements impossible.
  • Easy to put on – thanks to the very comfortable Velcro closure.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Freedom of movement - thanks to its elasticity.

After giving birth, the mother's body tends to gradually return to its original shape. The breasts become heavy and voluminous due to breast milk, and the abdomen and the rest of the body regain their original shape, while the structure of muscle and bone progressively readjusts. In this delicate phase, practicality and comfort are fundamental.

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