Chicco Bottle Perfect5 300 mL Pink

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Perfect5 anti-colic bottle 4m+ 300ml fast flow.
It adapts to the individual sucking rhythm of each baby.

The Perfect 5 Bottle is the only revolutionary biofunctional anti-colic bottle with the innovative intui-flow™ system: the combined action of the Physio teat and the Equilibrium Membrane promotes physiological and intuitive sucking and naturally supports each baby's sucking rhythm and intensity, allowing a continuous supply without interruptions or lack of air.

The equilibrium membrane allows air to enter through the base of the bottle, without mixing with the milk, in order to prevent it from entering the baby's belly, thus reducing irritability, regurgitation, gas and colic.

The anti-colic membrane is flexible and dynamic, adapting to different suction intensities through micro-movements that regulate the intensity of the milk according to the baby's suction, immediately and constantly.

Physio teat:
• Symmetrical, elongated and flattened, it simulates the mother's breast to promote the natural peristaltic action of breastfeeding.
• Extra soft and smooth silicone, the special finish gives the teat a velvety soft feel, similar to mother's skin, for an even more natural and comfortable suction.
• 4 different flows available (normal, medium, fast and pore flow) to accompany the baby at different stages of development.

The teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth, respecting the natural suction movement. Soft and stretchy with a Soft Sense finish, it promotes a smooth, natural feel throughout feeding.

A calm, peaceful and uninterrupted diet helps to promote the baby's physical and psychological well-being. In addition, it helps to counteract the physiological phenomenon of colic and reduce air intake during feeding, as there is no vacuum created inside the teat during suction.

The base is removable, allowing quick and practical washing.
Polypropylene bottle, 0% BPA.

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