Chicco Baby Bottle Original Touch Latex Pink +2m 250 mL

$8.00 $11.00
The Original Touch 2m+ 250ml adjustable flow bottle provides a natural and cozy feeling during feeding and facilitates the transition from breast to bottle.

The adjustable teat has been designed to always offer the desired amount of milk to the baby: position the teat so that the raised number is positioned under the baby's nose (1 - normal flow / 2 - medium flow / 3 - fast flow).

The teat rubber is 100% natural, extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, and has no additives and dyes. It is resistant and its soft touch provides a soft, natural and warm feeling, which replicates the mother's skin and the mother's breast.

In addition, it has an advanced anti-colic system, with a valve designed to prevent air intake, helping to reduce irritability, regurgitation and colic after eating.

Polypropylene bottle, 0% BPA. Ergonomic and practical shape, with a wide opening that allows you to fill the bottle faster and facilitates cleaning. It has a secure, leak-proof fit.

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