Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle +6m 330 mL Blue

A line of bottles that follows the baby's development, adapting to the different stages of his/her growth.

Natural Feeling 6m+ 330ml Fast Flow simulates the natural shape of the baby's sucking movement, as in the mother's breast. The extra soft silicone teat “Mummy Effect” ensures a natural feeling when sucking, and an easy transition between breast and bottle.

The elongated shape and slightly rounded base of the teat was specially developed for the phase that starts at 6 months of age. The fast-flow teat is ideal for babies who have a bigger appetite, and ensures a comfortable grip for tighter-lip sucking.

The double anti-colic valve prevents air intake, reducing the risk of colic and regurgitation.

Ergonomic shape, easy to hold. 0% BPA.
All components are compatible with NaturalFeeling bottles.

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