Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle +2m 250 mL Blue

The Natural Feeling 2m+ 250ml Medium Flow bottle reproduces the baby's instinctive suction, just like at the mother's breast. Ideal for newborns and mixed breastfeeding.

The soft silicone teat "Mommy Effect" provides a feeling of softness and delicacy. It helps to reproduce natural suction and facilitates the transition between breast and bottle. Embossed rings at the base simulate the mother's breast and increase the teat's flexibility and elasticity.

The angled teat allows you to replicate the instinctive way your baby feeds and provides a natural feeling like the mother's breast, allowing the baby to maintain a comfortable position during breastfeeding.

Dual anti-colic valves prevent air intake, ensuring maximum protection against colic and regurgitation. The teat always remains full of milk to avoid swallowing air.

Ergonomic shape, easy to hold. 0% BPA.

All components are compatible with NaturalFeeling bottles.

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