Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle +0m 150 mL Blue

The Natural Feeling 0m+ 150ml Normal Flow bottle reproduces the baby's instinctive sucking, as in the mother's breast. Ideal for newborns and mixed breastfeeding.

The "Mommy Effect" soft silicone teat provides a feeling of softness and delicacy. It helps reproduce natural sucking and facilitates the transition between breast and bottle.

The angled teat replicates the instinctive way your baby feeds and provides a natural feel like a mother's breast, allowing your baby to maintain a comfortable position while nursing.

Dual anti-colic valves prevent air intake, ensuring maximum protection against colic and regurgitation. The teat is always full of milk to avoid swallowing air.

Ergonomic shape, easy to hold. 0% BPA

All components are compatible with NaturalFeeling bottles.

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