Cerelac Nutripuff Banana +8m 7g

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NEW CERELAC NutriPuffs Raspberry is a nutritious cereal with fruit snack, with no added sugars , specially designed for older babies to learn to eat on their own and explore chewing. It has an adequate nutritional value for babies from 8 months.


  • Nutritious cereal snack, with no added sugars (containing only naturally occurring sugars).
  • Specially developed for babies from 8 months.
  • Ideal to offer the baby between meals.
  • Size and shape suitable for your little hands and mouth.
  • With a delicious flavor and consistent texture that melts in your mouth.
  • Ideal for the baby to learn to eat alone and train chewing.

Usage advice:
From 8 months, you can offer the snack to the baby, always in the sitting position and under supervision.

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