Cerelac Nestle Cookies +6m 180g

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Cerelac Cookies +6m, adapted to baby's little hands and mouth, the texture suitable for baby's first teeth, and they melt little by little, with a delicious taste!


  • Because babies have different needs than adults, CERELAC Biscuits were specially developed thinking about the needs of babies from 6 months onwards.
  • These cookies are a source of Calcium, Iron and 4 Vitamins (B1, B2, PP and B6) and can be dissolved in the baby's usual milk bottle.
  • For older babies, from 10 months onwards, CERELAC Cookies are the ideal way for older babies to learn to eat on their own and explore chewing. Always in a sitting position and under supervision.
  • Size and shape suitable for your little hands and mouth.
  • With a delicious flavor and consistent texture that melt little by little.
  • With 4 practical sachets, of 8 cookies each, for optimal conservation!

Usage advice:

From 6 months, you can dissolve 1 or 2 cookies in your baby's usual bottle. From 10 months onwards, you can offer your baby the whole cookie, always in a sitting position and under supervision.

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