Cerelac Multicereals +6m 250g

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CERELAC Multicereals is the latest variety in the CERELAC range, an infant potato with gluten, to be prepared as breast milk or normal baby milk, which has a nutritional value suitable for babies from two months.

Cerelac Multicereais Years offers babies it benefits from 8 Cereals, 100% Natural grown and selected for a Child Feeding, providing a smooth, natural flavor and is a perfect for a Papa Option stage in this Sagres, helping you, baby in the Passage to a Feeding to the spoon and allowing you to discover new flavors and consistencies.
Cereal base, enriched vitamins and minerals with, Cerelac Multicereals provides you with adequate nutrients in every scoop, satisfying nutritional needs as demanding for years First 1000 days.
New Diversity to diversify your baby's diet!
Suitable for babies from two months.
Made with 8 cereals: wheat, barley, rye, corn, sorghum, rice, millet and oats.
Soft, natural and delicious flavor!

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