Cerelac Milk Flour 500g

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  • Ingredients: Flour 54 8% (WHEAT hydrolyzed WHEAT) Partially skimmed MILK (32 4%) sucrose sunflower oil mineral substances (calcium carbonate ferrous fumarate zinc sulphate potassium iodide) culture of bifidobacteria vitamins (C PP E B1 pantothenic acid A B6 K folic acid biotin D) flavoring (vanillin).


  • To preserve the natural quality of this food, keep the package tightly closed in a cool, dry place. Close the sachet tightly after use and store in a cool, dry place for no more than three weeks after opening.


  • Due to its balanced composition and high nutritional value, Cerelac is a complete food for babies from the 6th month of life, when it becomes necessary to diversify the diet to meet the growing nutritional needs of the baby.


  • Preparation: 1-Wash your hands well before preparing the baby's porridge and make sure that all utensils are properly washed. 2-Boil drinking water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool (40°C). Pour 150ml into the baby's cup. 3-Add 50g or 9 tablespoons of CERELAC Milk Flour 4-Stir with a fork until obtaining a homogeneous mass. Give immediately to baby using a clean spoon. Do not add milk. NESTLÉ infant milk foods already contain milk. In order to ensure live cultures of probiotics, the water to be used must be at body temperature (37º-40ºC) before adding to CERELAC porridge. Do not keep the porridge that the baby has not consumed.

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