Caudalie Vinotherapist Body Balm 30g


What does it consist of?
A creamy balm with a 98% natural formula created by the best specialists at the Vinothérapie spa. It is ultra-nourishing, repairing and restores the protective hydrolipidic film leaving the body's skin smooth, soft and comfortable. With a texture that melts into the skin, leaving a satin veil, this is the care indicated for the driest, most sensitive and scaly skin.

Who to advise?
To repair, nourish and soothe dry and scaly body skin, even if sensitive.

How to use?
Apply daily all over the body using circular movements.

Benefits :
-Reinforces the skin barrier
-Relipidant and repairer

Key Ingredients:
-Organic grape seed oil
-Organic desert date palm oil
- Organic sweet almond oil
-Organic Shea Butter (from fair trade)

Benefits for the consumer:
The dry and scaly body becomes progressively more nourished and comfortable.
CAUDALIE TRICK : Make an exfoliation before applying the delicious body balm to promote the elimination of dead cells on the surface and the efficiency of the balm.

Use with:
Crushed Cabernet Scrub 2 to 3x/week

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