Caudalie Vinoclean Make-up Remover Micellar Water 200 mL

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What does it consist of?
A micellar water that effectively cleans and removes any make-up residue from the face and eyes. Non-irritating, it can be used even by the most sensitive skin.

Who to advise?
For all skins, even sensitive ones.

How to use?
Apply at night with a make-up remover pad moistened with make-up remover micellar water, on the face and eyes.

- Non-irritating cleaning
-Life-giving Fragrance

Key Ingredients:
- Micellar surfactants of vegetable origin

- Grape water
-Vegetable glycerin
-Lemon tree flowers, orange tree leaves and watermelon.

Benefits for the consumer:
2 in 1 express make-up remover. Respects the hydrolipidic film.
CAUDALIE TRICK: For a perfect make-up cleaning, spray the
skin with Eau de Raisin® after cleansing with make-up removing water.

Use with:
- Grape water
-Caudalie Gentle Scrub or descaling scrub, 2 x/week

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