Braun Thermoscan Ear Protector x 40 pcs


Braun earplugs are designed to fit the Braun range and provide full accuracy, unlike generic products that prevent the temperature sensor from working properly. Look for the Braun logo on each earplug to ensure the most accurate results.

After each use always replace the Hygiene cap disposable ear protector to ensure that wax and dirt do not accumulate and block the sensor window.

When replaced after each use, Braun Hygiene caps help protect against cross-contamination.

Step 1: Put a new ear protector on the thermometer tip before each measurement.

Step 2: Measure the temperature with the ear protector inserted into the thermometer tip.

Step 3: Remove the used ear protector after each measurement. Eject by pressing the button below the thermometer tip.

Note: Compatible with IRT models 6520, 6500, 6020, 4520, 4020, 3520, 3030, 3020

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