Braun Electric Nasal Aspirator


Dads and moms at home know how distressing it can be to see their child suffer. Running out of air due to obstructed breathing, whether from a cold, the flu or even reflux is a cause of concern for parents and discomfort for the child.

  • From birth to 6 months of age, babies do not have the mouth breathing reflex, so they can feel very confused and agitated when the upper nasal passages make it impossible for air to pass.
  • The Braun BNA-100EU Nasal Aspirator helps to avoid this problem and helps with nasal cleaning.
  • Gently and quickly clears stuffy nose
  • Comfortable and ideal for the whole family
  • Easy to clean; Your parts can be machine washable for simple cleaning
  • Quiet and comfortable for nasal congestion relief
  • Two gentle suction speeds, start with the lowest suction setting and increase if necessary; No need for manual suction

2x AA alkaline batteries included

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