Bepanthene Plus Cream 30g


It is indicated in the treatment of wounds and superficial burns.

Bepanthene® Plus Cream works with a gentle and effective combination of chlorhexidine and dexpanthenol.

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that disinfects without burning and minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination of the wound. Dexpanthenol (also called provitamin B5) is a compound tested in skin regeneration, accelerating wound healing and preventing the risk of infection.

Bepanthene® Plus Cream has a refreshing and calming effect and, as it is colorless, it allows you to follow the healing process.
Contains no dyes, perfume or preservatives (or parabens).

It is suitable for application in:
Superficial wounds or cuts
Blisters, scratches and abrasions
Rashes, ulcerations and wounds in bedridden
Recent scars and if there is a risk of infection

How to use Bepanthene® Plus Cream?
Clean the wound or infected skin area as best as possible and apply a thin layer of Bepanthene® Plus directly to the affected area. If necessary, you can cover the wound with an adhesive bandage or gauze. Apply Bepanthene® Plus several times a day until the wounds have completely healed.

What are the main ingredients of Bepanthene® Plus Cream?
Dexpanthenol and Chlorohexidine.

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