Bepanthene Ophthalmic Drops 0.5 ml x 20 units


Bepanthene Ophthalmic Drops protects, moisturizes and lubricates the ocular surface. As a result, it relieves long-term discomfort. Forms a film Sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol help to hydrate the eyes. Suitable for hard and soft contact lens wearers.

Relieves prolonged discomfort associated with:

- Mechanical stress, for example when wearing hard or soft contact lenses, or during ophthalmic diagnostic procedures;

- Environmental stress, for example induced by air conditioning, wind, cold or dry environments, or polluted air, namely by cigarette smoke;

- Visual stress resulting from straining the eyes, for example at a computer screen, under a microscope or during prolonged driving. No preservatives.

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