Bepanthene Ointment 100g


It takes care of the skin by forming a protective layer on the surface of the skin, protecting it in situations of contact with irritating substances, as it prevents water loss, providing deep hydration. Bepanthene Ointment has the following indications:

Indicated for

  • Treatment of sores and inflammation of the nipples.
  • Treatment of diaper erythema.
  • Dry, irritated, rough or cracked skin and lips.
  • Recent scars (eg tattoos – stimulates healing).
  • Ulcers and wounds of the bedridden (bedsores).
  • Irritations after radiotherapy or UV.
  • Skin lesions and irritations after radiotherapy or UV.

Advantages and benefits

Bepanthene Ointment contains dexpanthenol (5%), also known as provitamin B5 and a high lipid content (60%), which protects, cares, stimulates skin regeneration and provides deep hydration. Contains no preservatives, colorings or perfume.

Usage recommendations

Apply Bepanthene Ointment several times a day, as needed.

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