Bepanthene Baby Ointment 100g

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It was specially developed for the daily protection and regeneration of the baby's bottom skin, helping to prevent diaper rash.

Bepanthen Baby® is a diaper change ointment with dual action, it protects against redness and regenerates the skin of the baby's bottom.
Bepanthen Baby® forms a transparent layer that lets the skin breathe, helping to protect even the most delicate skin from irritants and friction that can cause redness.

Bepanthen Baby® contains 5% dexpanthenol, which promotes the natural regeneration process of delicate skin, keeping it hydrated.
Its water-in-oil formulation provides the ideal conditions to keep the skin healthy without drying out. Contains no preservatives, colorings or perfume.

How to use Bepanthen Baby®?
Bepanthen Baby® is so gentle that it can be used at every diaper change to protect the most sensitive skin, including the skin of premature babies.

Thanks to the non-sticky and easy-to-remove texture, Bepanthen Baby® provides additional comfort for the baby.

What are the main ingredients of Bepanthen Baby®?
Dexpanthenol and lanolin

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