Bambo Nature

Bambo Diaper Nature T5


Bambo Nature nappies are soft, comfortable and help keep baby's skin dry.

Very absorbent, they remove moisture from the skin even at night. The convenient wetness indicator changes color to make it easier for moms and dads to know when their little one needs a diaper change. Latex-free flexible waistband lets the diaper stay in place for comfort and freedom of movement.

Allergen-free and fragrance-free.

flexible side bands
The diaper side panels are made from an extremely flexible material that ensures a perfect fit, every time.

100% breathable
Thin and 100% breathable, it minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

Super absorbent core and top-dry system
The super absorbent layer ensures fast absorption as well as a dry surface.

As a result of using high quality materials in the inner and outer layers, the diaper gives baby's skin an extra soft feel.

Leakage protection
The side barriers allow a perfect fit to the body minimizing the risk of leaks.

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