Apivita White Toothpaste 75 ml


Apivita White Toothpaste is an organic toothpaste that provides effective and whitening oral hygiene.

Prevents plaque, gingivitis and protects against cavities, whitening teeth. Does not damage enamel. With a refreshing action, it eliminates bad breath. Pleasant mastic flavor.

High tolerance, paraben-free, SLES/SLS-free, dye-free and glycol-free. Environmentally friendly.

Apivita White Toothpaste has an organic formula, with natural ingredients (98%): mastic and lemon essential oils, propolis, aloe vera, green tea, sodium bicarbonate, sodium monofluorophosphate (1450ppm), fluoride (1100ppm), calcium and xylitol, for an anti-plaque, anti-caries, protective and fortifying cleaning action.

Use Apivita White Toothpaste daily, 2 to 3 times a day. Apply on a dry toothbrush and brush, insisting on stained areas. Don't forget to brush your tongue. Rinse with water. Finally, use dental floss. A good brushing should take 2 to 3 minutes.

Whitening and anti-cavity organic toothpaste.

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