Refund policy

Eligible items purchased on the My Pharma Spot ® website can be exchanged or returned within the legal period of 14 days and their value refunded, provided they cumulatively meet the return conditions:

- The packaging(s) of each product must be the original(s) and be perfectly intact, without any type of damage or signs of use (dirt, scratches, etc.) or opening (broken seals and covers, etc.);

- The receipt(s)/purchase receipt(s) must accompany the product(s).

Returns/exchanges for the following products are not accepted: Medicines, Food Supplements, Food (including milk, porridge, jars, etc.), Orthopedic articles with specific measures (eg shoes), Underwear (eg bras, belts, bands , briefs) and Compression stockings.

If you have not picked up the order, either at a pick-up point or in a warehouse, we will return the value, within 1 month, of the product (without the cost of postage, if applicable), except for food products. (milk, porridge, etc.).