World Breastfeeding Week: For the Well-Being of Babies

Every year, there is a week entirely dedicated to breastfeeding. A World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated, between the 1st and 7th of August, in more than 170 countries, to raise awareness of the importance of this practice and to promote the health of babies all over the world. 🤱👶

O breastfeeding it's the best way to provide babies with the nutrients they need most. On the recommendation of several doctors, up to 6 months of life, babies should be exclusively breastfed.

Breastfeeding is important because:

 👉 Creates an intimate relationship between mother and baby, a fundamental element for psycho-affective development;

👉 Breast milk is the most complete food there is for the baby, preventing infections, obesity, diabetes, and is easy to digest;

👉 For the mother, breastfeeding prevents bleeding in the postpartum period and promotes uterine involution. The risk of osteoporosis, breast cancer and ovarian cancer is reduced and it helps with weight loss.

Despite being so important for the baby, the act of breastfeed it's not always easy.

The mother may go through:

1️⃣ Pain: It can occur during the first few weeks, when the breasts are still adapting to breastfeeding.

2 ️ ⃣ Lack of milk: It's the main cause of early weaning.

3 ️⃣ Difficulty picking up: It can be difficult and time consuming depending on the anatomy or the baby itself.

4 ️⃣ Lack of information and preparation;

5 ️ ⃣ Lack of support and prejudice.

The good news is that these difficulties are solvable! At My Pharma Spot , find another article about breast-feeding with tips, advice and care to be taken. 👉 Read the article here .

As we have already mentioned, the breast-feeding is essential and breast milk is the best food in the world for your baby.

Seek, whenever necessary, professionals who can help you.

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