Did you know that your feet can say a lot about your health?

How long has it been since you paid attention and cuddles to your feet? Take care of your body base and find out what they can say about you.


Foot care should not be limited to trimming, polishing, filing or varnishing the nails. Whether male or female and barefoot, wearing sandals, espadrilles, high heels or loafers, all feet need attention and we shouldn't neglect them.

Even in winter, when we go to places like closed swimming pools in gyms, showers and public changing rooms that can be potential sources of contamination and fungal infections – for example, nail fungus and athlete’s foot. When in these public spaces, such as showers, changing rooms and swimming pools, do not walk barefoot: wear appropriate slippers and do not share them.

O Savaii Sport Bath Gel , for example, has a composition specially studied to provide greater protection against all types of fungi and bacteria, in places where there is a greater risk of contagion.
To avoid this type of problem, wash your feet daily and dry them carefully, especially between the toes, where moisture accumulates. Wearing tight shoes favors humidity in the same way, so we should also avoid them.

Patients with diabetes develop several problems that, if left untreated, can cause serious complications for the feet and body. For example, the diabetic foot is more prone to the formation of calluses in areas of greater pressure, especially on the sole of the foot. Without proper treatment, calluses can ulcerate and become infected. When the foot ulcer is worsened by infection, the combination can even be a threat to the limb and even the person's life. A careful and effective control of the diabetes condition is essential, since the presence of high blood sugar levels makes it difficult to control the infection.

At My Pharma Spot you will find specific products for diabetic foot care . Controlling high blood pressure and cholesterol is also very important.



Your feet say a lot about how you take care of yourself! Problems like calluses or the dreaded fungus are difficult to eliminate and when they arise they make you feel ashamed of your own feet, hiding them in closed shoes. In addition, the health of your feet also affects your well-being and comfort. So, to proudly show off beautiful, healthy feet, treat them with all the care and attention they deserve.

Remember, by taking care of your feet you are taking care of yourself!

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