Rosacea - Treatment for beautiful and healthy skin

a skin with rosacea it is more sensitive and needs special care with suitable products. In the previous article we explained what it is, symptoms and what you should avoid to prevent or mitigate symptoms.  Read here .

The key to success in the treatment of rosacea lies in early diagnosis and treatment. A beauty routine tailored to your skin can limit flare-ups and significantly improve your rosacea. Like this:

Although there is no definitive cure, in more serious cases, the treatment of rosacea can include topical application medications, oral treatments, lasers and pulsed light, among other therapies. If the symptoms do not improve using dermo-cosmetics, consult your doctor so that he can indicate the most appropriate treatment for your case.

The causes of rosacea, in their entirety, are still unknown. It is known that there is increased inflammation due to a heightened immune response. The reason why there is an overstimulation of the immune system is unclear, but when this happens, it is usually reflected in other organs of the body. For example, the connection between intestinal problems and skin problems is increasingly talked about in the medical community and understanding this relationship is also very important for treating skin problems.

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