Strengthen your immune system

Colds and flu go hand in hand with cold weather. And at this time our immune system needs that extra strength to stay strong!

Although our food is a fundamental part, it is not always enough. In these cases, food supplements gain greater prominence and can be essential to strengthen our defenses.

It is true that there is a wide range of supplements and we do not always know which ones are most appropriate for our needs.

So that you can make a better decision, here are some supplements that offer different benefits:


  • Farline Vitamin C + Zinc - orange flavor

A dietary supplement based on vitamin C and zinc. It consists of 1000 mg of vitamin C and 10 mg of zinc that contribute to the normal function of the immune system and normal energy-yielding metabolism.

  • BioActive Selenium + Zinc - 60 tablets


With a variety of vitamins in its composition, it contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative stress, supports the normal functioning of the immune system and to the protection of cells against undesirable oxidations.

It is composed of Vitamin C 90 mg; Vitamin E 15 mg; Vitamin B6 2 mg; Zinc 15 mg; Selenium 100 µg.

  • Viterra Man - 30 pills


Food supplement developed for the specific needs of adult men.

It contains in its formula Vitamins A and C that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and Vitamin D and Magnesium, which contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle functioning. It improves the overall health of men by increasing energy levels and vitality.

  • Viterra Platinum 55+ Woman - 30 pills

Developed with the post-menopause period in mind, it contains iodine that contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and the normal functioning of the thyroid and vitamin B6 that contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, without causing weight gain.

  • Solgar Biotin 1000 mcg - 60 capsules

A biotin-based food supplement contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, normal metabolism of macronutrients, normal psychological function, maintenance of normal hair and maintenance of normal mucous membranes.

  • BioActive Vitamin D - 80 capsules


BioActive Vitamin D, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, normal muscle function and the normal functioning of the immune system

If you suffer from hypercalcemia or hypervitaminosis D, you should not take BioActivo Vitamin D.

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