Enhance Your Lips: All About Different Types of Lipsticks

Did you know that there are records of lip coloring in the Sumer region dating back to 5,000 BC? Already in Ancient Egypt, this item was a way to differentiate social classes and both men and women used it.

So it is! These are just a few facts from the long history of lipstick. Today, lipstick continues to make a big visual impact. With its application, it is possible to transform a look, and make it bolder or more natural. Do you agree?

There is a lipstick that is right for every moment and for every person. There are so many options, with colors and textures, so that your lips are the focal point.

Read on and stay on top of the world of lipsticks. We tell you all about the different types of finishes that exist. So read on and choose the one that suits you.


matte lipstick

For those who don't like glitter, the matte lipstick it is a foolproof bet. This type of lipstick offers high coverage and durability, but for many people, the fear that these formulas will dry out their lips keeps them from trying them out.

Take a shot! The “dry” appearance is not synonymous with dry lips, quite the contrary. There are several extremely moisturizing options that give comfort to the lips throughout the day.

O matte lipstick it is versatile and there are several formulas – liquid or in the traditional format – just choose the most practical and comfortable one for you. A long-lasting, kiss-proof option!


Satin Lipstick


The greatest classic in the world of lipsticks is satin lipstick ! It is quite possible that everyone has one of these lipsticks in their bag. Its soft and comfortable texture is incomparable.

O satin lipstick it has a shorter duration than matte lipstick, but on the other hand it is more moisturizing and has a natural shine, and it is so easy to apply.

Unlike matte lipstick, this type of lipstick transfers easily, which can be an inconvenience for some people.




O gloss it was the number 1 choice for those who loved makeup in the 90s and, therefore, it is the right choice for those nostalgic for this decade. This trend is back with a vengeance, but with an upgrade.

O gloss it no longer sticks the hair or the mouth. Today, it is a moisturizing and comfortable option to apply, with a smooth texture. It can also be applied over a lipstick, but there are glosses pigmented that give the same effect.

Who likes to gloss you know, this is a great way to enhance the lips and create the illusion of a fuller mouth.


lip balm


The best choice for “No Makeup” Makeup Look moments, or for those days when you don't feel like putting on makeup. It is a natural option, to be beautiful, without exaggeration.

O lip balm it can be transparent and provide hydration to the lips while protecting and smoothing them. But you can choose a balm with color, which provides buildable coverage: play with your lip color and apply just one layer, for a light shade, or several, for a more intense result.


We have an extra for you...

Choose to buy a lip pencil in the same color as your favorite lipstick and define the outline of your lips. Thus, it will ensure greater durability for your lipstick, while facilitating application.



Have you already chosen your favorite type of lipstick? Discover all the lipsticks that we have at My Pharma Spot and choose the ones that you will take home and add to your collection.

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