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We love to take care of our skin , through a skincare routine and regular dermatology consultations, but these actions will only have a positive impact on your skin's health if you protect it against UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, applying a sunscreen several times during the day is essential! It's not just on sunny days, also on 🌥️ cloudy days we should apply this great ally of our skin's beauty. But, with the arrival of ☀️ good weather, your skin care needs to be redoubled and sometimes choosing a sunscreen may not be easy.

We decided to share with you those products that are most wanted by our customers , to help the most undecided.

Are you curious to know what are the 5 Best Selling Sunscreens at My Pharma Spot ? Read on!

SeventyOne Stick Solar Percent SPF 50

Our 5th best selling sunscreen is the SeventyOne stick - loved by Sufis and beyond . Its transparent and matte texture makes this product the ideal option to take everywhere.

Extremely effective and super water resistant, it forms a barrier against UVA and UVB rays.

It has active antioxidants and moisturizers that protect the skin in all weather conditions wind, salt water and cold.

Sensilis Sun Secret Ultralight Cream SPF 30

If you have sensitive skin, our 4th place is the right option for you. O Sun Secret Ultralight by Sensilis makes anyone love applying sunscreen .

This product is extremely complete - with a silky texture and quickly absorbed - through the Soft Focus Effect technology, it minimizes wrinkles, gives luminosity to the face and prevents the appearance of spots.

SVR Sun Secure Cream SPF 30

At 3rd position, we have Sun Secure by SVR . A cream with high dermatological protection, with a comfortable feel and an invisible, non-greasy finish.

This sunscreen is suitable for normal to dry skin, thanks to its velvety texture and moisturizing properties, easily melting into the skin.

Its delicate summer scent will make you want to apply it over and over again! Resistant to water, sweat and towel friction for optimal protection.

Filorga UV-Bronze Anti-Aging Fluid SPF 50+

O UV-Bronze by Filorga is one of the most loved sunscreens ever since its launch.

Currently, it occupies the 2nd place and is the most effective option in combating photoaging, thanks to a powerful antioxidant activated by the sun's rays, with high sun protection against UV and IR radiation.

Its texture is fluid, non-greasy and non-sticky. The best of everything? It has a matte finish and is water resistant, making it an incredible option for summer days.

Isdin Fotoprotector Fusion Fluid SPF 50

Isdin's Fusion Fluid is the best selling sunscreen on My Pharma Spot! This product is a deserved nº 1 , as it has everything we look for in a face sunscreen.

With a 50+ protection factor, its innovative ultra-light texture blends perfectly with your skin. It is an incredible option for daily use, protecting the most delicate and sensitive areas from the sun.

Provides a matte finish without drying the skin. Contains anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, easy to apply and immediately absorbed.

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