Myths and truths about hair loss - Part I

Hair and hair loss are topics around which many misconceptions revolve, which can lead to negligence in their treatment. Here are some of those ideas, which we will try to demystify:

Does washing your hair every day cause hair loss?

Myth. This is a fairly common myth, but what happens with daily hair washing is that hair strands that have previously become detached become loose and fall out. In fact, frequent hair washing allows you to remove excess oil and dirt. Decreasing the action of fungi and bacteria, which contributes to healthier strands, not the other way around, provided, of course, that washing is done with a suitable shampoo .


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Greater oiliness of the hair potentiates hair loss?


True. Excessive oiliness of the scalp is one of the main causes of hair loss, as excess fat and dirt clog the pores of the scalp, causing poor nutrition of the hair root and consequently hair loss. It can also facilitate the proliferation of fungi, causing scalp flaking and inflammation, which lead to hair loss.

Does walking around with your hair tied up (with a tight bun) every day damage your hair?


True. The use of tight hairstyles every day causes damage to the scalp, especially in the frontal area, causing hair loss in this area.

Does washing your head with cold water make your hair stronger?


Myth. There are no studies to date that prove that washing your hair with cold water makes your hair healthier, but on the other hand, if you use very hot water when washing your hair, it can lead to a greater propensity for an oily scalp. Thus, washing the hair should be done with warm water.

Does food have anything to do with hair health?

Myth. Food influences virtually every aspect of human life. A diet lacking in vitamins (A, E and B complex) and nutrients such as iron, zinc, biotin and some amino acids will promote hair thinning.

Does stress (associated with emotional changes) cause hair loss?


True. In fact, stress not only causes hair loss, but it can also perpetuate it. This happens due to the release of cortisol, a hormone with many actions in the body, one of which is ultimately hair loss.

Frequently touching your hair and combing it often causes hair loss.


Myth. Hair loss is determined by its life cycle, and only those who have completed the life cycle fall. Therefore, combing or touching the hair will not cause it to fall out, just remove the hair that has already fallen out. Of course, you shouldn't use too much force to comb your hair. Any aggression made during brushing leads not only to hair damage but also to irritation of the scalp.

Can only men suffer from baldness?


Myth. This condition is transversal to gender and ethnicity. As for age, we can see a different incidence: this condition tends to worsen with age.


Is sleeping with wet hair bad for your hair?


Myth. To date, there are no reports or studies of such a phenomenon happening. As long as the scalp is dry, there is no problem for the hair to sleep with it wet.

Does cutting the ends of the hair often make the hair grow faster?


Myth. It can give the impression of that, because often, with the growth of the hair, it gets split ends and when you cut them, only the part of the hair that is thicker and healthier remains. But it is known that the tips have no influence on hair growth.

hair loss, hair cut

Does hair fall out more in autumn and spring?


True. Hair falls out more in spring and autumn (versus summer and winter).

This is due to the fact that the production and activity of hormones such as prolactin and melatonin are enhanced by sunlight. In spring and autumn, as there is a change in the length of the sunlight period, there is a change in the production of these hormones, which eventually stabilizes during the summer or winter.

These hormones play an important role in stimulating the hair bulb, accelerating hair growth.

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