Demystifying hair loss - Part II

What is it? Alopecia (medical name for hair loss) is a condition characterized by the loss of part or all body hair, including hair. Daily, it is natural to fall between 80 and 100 strands of hair. It's just your renewal process. When well over 100 hairs a day fall out, then alopecia is observed.

What are the causes?


🡢 Endocrine disruptions (postpartum period, menopause, thyroid disorders)

🡢 Nutritional deficiencies (namely vitamin A, D, H, iron, zinc or L-lysine)

🡢 Medicines (some anticoagulants, contraceptives or antihypertensives)

🡢 Infections (seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis)

🡢 Stress

🡢 Trauma

🡢 Genetic predisposition

It is very common? Its prevalence in the world is quite high, reaching 90% in men and 72% in women (considering all types and severity of alopecia). Although it is not a painful or fatal condition, its psychological impact is very great. Therefore, it should be treated or minimized in order to reduce the impact on the person's life. For this, it is very important to understand the cause of hair loss.

How can I treat? Depending on the type of hair loss, there are different solutions available.

- Postpartum or menopausal hair loss - The treatment will include food supplements that replenish the missing nutrients and strengthen the hair. In the case of postpartum, you should consult your doctor so that he can indicate an appropriate supplement, if you are breastfeeding. In the case of menopause, Ducray Densiage - 30 tablets, Ref: 6245399 has an action against capillary aging, which causes loss of body and density;

- Hair loss due to hormonal disorders (androgens) – In these cases, the ideal is to normalize hormonal values ​​with medication recommended by your doctor. However, one of the products with the greatest effect at stopping/delaying hair loss is Minoxidil (which acts by increasing the oxygenation of the hair follicles) and can be purchased at n our online pharmacy:

If you are looking for a food supplement that will overcome this deregulation, the Cistitone Agaxidil - 60 capsules, Ref: 6274100. Thanks to Serenoa repens and Cucurbita pepo, it acts on androgenetic hair loss.

If you have hair loss due to other deregulated thyroid hormones (T3, T4, cortisol) it is important to consult your doctor.

- Hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies (due to diets with dietary restrictions) – Taking a food supplement can remedy this situation. One of our bestselling products is Ecophane Biorga powder with fortifying shampoo 200 ml , Ref: 6386078. Allows you to remedy hair loss by using shampoo and powdered food supplement.

Or, if you prefer, in capsules: Ecophane Biorga tablets with fortifying shampoo offer , Ref: 6939066

- hair loss due to stress – If you notice that in moments of stress your hair falls out more, either due to a specific situation at work (acute stress) or a more complicated phase of life (chronic stress), then your hair loss fits this point . Although, unfortunately, nowadays we see stress as something that just happens, normalizing it does not lessen the impact it has on our body. Even if it is often not noticeable. But when you start to see your hair fall out in response to stress, it's your body telling you that something isn't right.

To control this hair loss it is essential to reduce the sources of stress. As difficult as this may seem, there are small changes you can make in your day-to-day life that can make all the difference:

🡢 Exercise regularly, especially jogging or walking and if possible outdoors.

🡢 Try sleep 8 hours a day .

🡢 Choose to take some food suplements that can reduce stress and anxiety, such as Valdispertstress 200 mg + 68 mg - 40 pills, Ref: 5593025

🡢 Try aromatherapy: essences of lavender, chamomile and orange blossom have a calming and relaxing power.

🡢 Reduce the amount of daily caffeine , whether in the form of coffee, tea or soft drinks, and do not drink caffeine after 5 pm.

🡢 Pay attention to your diet: avoid processed foods, high in sugar or saturated fats. Opt for a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fish and white meats, whole grains, fruits and healthy fats. Also, drink plenty of water.

🡢 Write down your daily tasks. This allows you not to constantly focus on remembering what you had to do and thus lighten your mental load.

🡢 save time to do what you like : being with family and friends, a hobby, whatever you want.

🡢 Don't procrastinate. If you have a deadline to complete a certain task, do not leave everything to the last minute as you will feel tension and stress to fulfill it.

🡢 Learn to say “no” . If you feel overwhelmed with tasks, whether at work or in your personal life, know that saying “no” is not the end of the world. It is crucial to know what is a priority and important to you. For the rest, be more selective in the tasks you do.

🡢 Laugh often , dance, listen to the music you like, practice yoga, take a deep breath, meditate. Whatever works for you, don't be ashamed or lack of time to do it.

If you have hair loss and cannot understand the cause, it is important to seek advice from your doctor so that together they can find the best solution and treatment for your case. Each being is unique and each treatment must be individually appropriate. It is very important that you pay attention to all the signs that your body gives you.

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